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Ten Thousand Ripples Emerging Buddha Sculptures

Do you know why there are Buddha sculptures in and around Evanston? Local artist and peace activist Indira Johnson collaborated with Changing Worlds on the Ten Thousand Ripples project to bring these beautiful sculptures to Evanston and Chicago neighborhoods. 

Sculpture Map

Check out the updated map of sculptures for your next scavenger hunt, city walk, or bike ride. Photos and location descriptions included!

Map of Ten Thousand Ripples Buddha Head Sculptures .webp

Evanston ASPA Heritage Month

In 2021, Mayor Steve Hagerty proclaimed the month of May Asian, South Asian, Pacific Islander Heritage Month in Evanston, IL.  That Spring, the Kitchen Table Stories Project collaborated with the City of Evanston, local organizations and Evanstonians to uplift ASPA artists, businesses, community leaders and members in its first annual Evanston Asian, South Asian, Pacific Islander American Heritage Arts Festival, later called the Umbrella Arts Festival.  Photos to the right are from the 2021 and 2022 festivals and you can learn more here.

Evanston ASPA puts together a calendar of events for the month of May.  You can check out this year's calendar here!  

Story Table

The Story Table is a traveling art workshop designed to engage all ages in storytelling and cultural exchange. Storytelling is a powerful tool for learning about people, culture, ethnicities, traditions different from our own.  The story table utilizes art, story, food, music, film and performance to create spaces where stories are shared and relationships are formed.

Learn more about the Story Table and find out how to bring our workshops to your classrooms, schools, community centers, businesses and public spaces!
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