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Cultural Mapping

Cultural mapping refers to a wide range of techniques and tools used to "map" a community's tangible and intangible cultural assets. It makes visible the ways local stories, practices, relationships, memories, and rituals constitute places as meaningful locations.  Kitchen Table Stories Project utilizes storytelling as a way to "map" the local ASPA community as cultural assets, amplify their contributions to social and economic development, and safeguard against cultural erasure.

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Story of Mina Hsing

Artist, Consultant, Teacher

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Mina Hsing - Google Drive - Brave 6_11_2022 10_36_17 PM.png

Story of Sarita Kamat


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Story of Indira Johnson

Sculptor, Community artist

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Story of Takumi Iseda


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Story of Kalpana Waikar

Owner, Inspired Indian Cooking

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Kalpana One (By Yiming Fu.png

Story of Donna Wang Su

Educator, D65 School Board Member

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Story Table

The Story Table is an interactive workshop that invites the sharing of stories in all forms. Inspired by storytelling traditions practiced in countries throughout Asia and the Pacific Islands, it is rooted in cultural rituals that are designed to bring people together and pass knowledge down from generation to generation. The Story Table in its various forms, travels to various locations and its presence creates a space where connections are made and relationships are formed. By engaging in participatory, multimedia storytelling we promote empathy, compassion, and care through cultural exchange. 


Storytelling is a powerful tool for learning about people, culture, ethnicities, traditions different from our own.  The story table utilizes art, literature, food, music, film and performance to create spaces where stories are shared and relationships are formed.   Our workshops are available for your classrooms, schools, community centers, businesses and public spaces.  The workshops are collaborative and site specific.  We work with you to determine the goals for your space and participants and tailor the activities to meet your needs.

Please contact Melissa at for more information about the Story Table and to schedule a workshop at your location!

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